Accredited Programs

Accredited PA Programs

(updated 5.3.2016)

The 210 ARC-PA accredited PA programs are listed below in the listing of institutions that sponsor the programs. The listing is alphabetically by state, and includes information on the accreditation status of the programs and timing of next scheduled accreditation action. Clicking in the State column should open the program's or institution's web page. Specific address information for programs can be found on their individual web sites. The Physician Assistant Education Association's web site (PAEA) allows one to search for program by state.

Programs that do not currently offer a graduate degree must transition to conferring a graduate degree, which should be awarded by the sponsoring institution, upon all PA students who matriculate into the program after 2020.  Programs that are not in compliance with the degree requirement by January 1, 2021 will have their accreditation withdrawn. Students who matriculate into such programs will be entering an unaccredited program.

SPECIAL NOTE: Check this resource from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation for information about accreditation, degree mills and accreditation mills.

A listing of accredited clinical postgraduate programs is available on a separate page within this section.

State Sponsoring Institution for Accredited Program Date First Accredited Next ARC-PA Review
AL University of South Alabama 4/1/1996 September 2021
AL University of Alabama at Birmingham 9/1/1975 March 2021
AR Harding University 3/5/2005 September 2021
AR University of Arkansas (*provisional) 3/9/2013 September 2016
AZ Arizona School of Health Sciences 10/1/1996 March 2021
AZ Midwestern University (Glendale) 9/18/1999 March 2018
AZ Northern Arizona University 3/6/2012 September 2025
CA California Baptist University (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
CA Charles R. Drew University (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
CA Loma Linda University # 9/15/2000 March 2017
CA Marshall B. Ketchum University (*provisional) 3/7/2014 March 2017
CA Moreno Valley College (formerly Riverside) (**probation) 4/1/1999 N/A
CA Samuel Merritt University 4/1/1999 September 2018
CA Southern California University of Health Sciences (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
CA Stanford University 3/1/1976 September 2019
CA Touro University - California 9/2/2002 September 2018
CA University of California-Davis 3/1/1974 March 2017
CA University of Southern California (LA) 10/1/1975 September 2018
CA Western University of Health Sciences 5/1/1990 March 2020
CO Red Rocks Community College 10/1/1998 March 2017
CO University of Colorado 2/1/1973 September 2016
CT University of Bridgeport (AP) 9/4/2010 September 2020
CT Quinnipiac University 10/1/1995 September 2020
CT Sacred Heart University (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
CT Yale University School of Medicine 3/1/1975 September 2017
DC George Washington University 11/1/1972 September 2020
DC Howard University 11/1/1973 March 2021
FL Adventist University of Health Sciences - Orlando (*provisional) 3/6/2015 September 2017
FL Barry University (D) 10/1/1997 March 2026
FL Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (*provisional) 3/6/2015 September 2017
FL Miami-Dade College 5/1/1998 September 2025
FL Keiser University 9/12/2009 September 2016
FL Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale 5/1/1994 March 2022
FL Nova Southeastern University, Jacksonville 3/6/2009 March 2022
FL Nova Southeastern University, Fort Myers 3/5/2005 March 2018
FL Nova Southeastern University, Orlando 3/8/2007 March 2024
FL South University, Tampa 9/12/2009 March 2017
FL University of Florida 2/1/1973 September 2017
GA Emory University 9/1/1972 March 2020
GA Augusta University 11/1/1973 September 2018
GA Mercer University 9/7/2007 September 2017
GA South University 10/1/1997 September 2025
IA St. Ambrose University (*provisional) 3/7/2014 March 2017
IA Des Moines University (**probation) 4/1/1983 September 2025
IA University of Dubuque (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
IA University of Iowa 2/1/1973 March 2020
ID Idaho State University (D) 4/1/1997 March 2022
IL Midwestern University (Downers Grove) 5/1/1993 March 2020
IL Northwestern University 3/6/2010 March 2020
IL Rosalind Franklin Univ of Medicine (formerly Finch) 5/1/1993 March 2020
IL Rush University 3/6/2010 March 2021
IL Southern Illinois University 4/1/1997 March 2017
IN Butler University 4/1/1996 March 2017
IN Indiana State University (**probation) 9/4/2010 September 2020
IN Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (*provisional) 9/8/2012 TBD
IN University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne) 4/1/1997 March 2021
KS Wichita State University 11/1/1973 March 2018
KY University of the Cumberlands (*provisional) 9/6/2014 March 2017
KY Sullivan University (*provisional) 3/7/2014 TBD
KY University of Kentucky (D) 11/1/1974 March 2017
LA Our Lady of the Lake # 9/4/2010 # September 2020
LA Louisiana State University - Shreveport 4/1/1996 September 2016
LA Louisiana State University - New Orleans (*provisional) 9/8/2012 TBD
MA Bay Path University 3/6/2012 September 2025
MA Boston University School of MedicinePA Program.  (*provisional) 9/6/2013 September 2016
MA MGH Institute of Health Professions (*provisional) 9/6/2014 March 2017
MA MCPHS University (Boston) 4/1/2000 September 2019
MA Northeastern University 9/1/1972 March 2022
MA Springfield College 4/1/1996 September 2016
MA Tufts University 9/8/2012 March 2026
MD Anne Arundel Community College 10/1/1996 September 2018
MD Towson University CCBC - Essex 9/1/1972 September 2023
ME University of New England 4/1/1996 September 2016
MI Central Michigan University 4/1/1996 March 2024
MI Eastern Michigan University (*provisional) 9/6/2013 TBD
MI Grand Valley State University (D) 10/1/1997 September 2021
MI University of Detroit/Mercy 9/1/1972 September 2018
MI Wayne State University 4/1/1996 March 2020
MI Western Michigan University 9/1/1972 September 2017
MN Saint Catherine University 3/6/2012 September 2025
MN Augsburg College 10/1/1996 September 2018
MN Bethel University (*provisional) 3/9/2013 September 2016
MO Missouri State University (formerly SWMS) 10/1/1999 March 2019
MO Saint Louis University 6/1/1973 March 2020
MO Stephens College (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
MO University of Missouri - Kansas City (*provisional) 9/6/2013  
MS Mississippi College 3/4/2011 March 2021
MT Rocky Mountain College 4/1/1996 March 2017
NC Campbell University 3/4/2011 March 2021
NC Duke University Medical Center 9/1/1972 March 2018
NC East Carolina University 10/1/1996 September 2025
NC Elon University (*provisional) 9/8/2012 September 2016
NC Gardner Webb University (*provisional) 9/6/2013  
NC High Point University (*provisional) 9/6/2014 September 2017
NC Lenoir-Rhyne (*provisional) 9/11/2015 TBD
NC Methodist University 4/1/1996 September 2017
NC University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (*provisional) 9/11/2015 TBD
NC Wake Forest University (Bowman Gray) (D) 9/1/1972 September 2019
NC Wingate University (D) 3/6/2008 September 2021
ND University of North Dakota 12/1/1974 September 2016
NE College of Saint Mary (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
NE Union College 10/1/1997 March 2017
NE University of Nebraska (D) 11/1/1974 March 2017
NH Franklin Pierce University 9/10/2009 September 2017
NH MCPHS University (Manchester/Worcester) 10/1/1998 September 2017
NJ Monmouth University (*provisional) 9/6/2013 March 2017
NJ Rutgers University 3/1/1976 September 2016
NJ Seton Hall University 3/1/2001 March 2017
NM University of New Mexico 4/1/1997 September 2021
NM University of St. Francis 10/1/2000 September 2018
NV Touro University Nevada 9/4/2004 March 2022
NY Albany Medical College 11/1/1972 March 2018
NY CCNY Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education 1/1/1978 September 2021
NY Clarkson University 9/10/2011 March 2022
NY Cornell University 3/1/1975 March 2020
NY CUNY York College 3/4/2004 March 2018
NY Daemen College 10/1/1997 March 2020
NY D'youville College 10/1/1994 September 2018
NY Hofstra University 12/1/2001 September 2016
NY Le Moyne College 4/1/1996 September 2018
NY Long Island University 9/1/1972 March 2020
NY Marist College (*provisional) 9/11/2015 TBD
NY Mercy College 4/1/1999 September 2017
NY New York Institute of Technology 10/1/1999 September 2019
NY Pace University 4/1/2000 September 2020
NY Rochester Institute of Technology 10/1/1994 September 2017
NY St. John's University (formerly SVCMC) 10/1/1995 March 2020
NY Stony Brook University 9/1/1972 September 2017
NY SUNY Downstate Medical Center 10/1/1992 March 2019
NY SUNY Upstate Medical Center 3/6/2009 September 2016
NY Touro College# - (Bay Shore) (D) 3/1/1991 # March 2017
NY Touro College - (Manhattan) 4/1/1999 September 2021
NY Wagner College 4/1/1996 September 2018
OH Baldwin Wallace University (*provisional) 3/9/2013 September 2016
OH Case Western Reserve University (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
OH Cuyahoga Community College / Cleveland State University 3/1/1974 March 2017
OH Kettering College 3/1/1975 March 2021
OH Lake Erie College (*provisional) 9/6/2013 September 2016
OH Marietta College 3/1/2002 March 2018
OH Ohio Dominican University (*provisional, **probation) 3/8/2012 September 2025
OH Ohio University (*provisional) 3/6/2015 September 2017
OH University of Dayton (*provisional) 3/7/2014 March 2017
OH University of Toledo 10/1/1996 September 2017
OH University of Mount Union 9/5/2008 March 2018
OH The University of Findlay 4/1/2000 September 2016
OK Oklahoma City University (*provisional) 9/11/2015 TBD
OK University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City (**probation) 9/1/1972 September 2016
OK University of Oklahoma, Tulsa 9/7/2007 March 2021
OR Oregon Health & Science University 10/1/1996 September 2025
OR Pacific University 10/1/1997 September 2017
PA Arcadia University (D) 4/1/1996 March 2018
PA Chatham University 4/1/1997 March 2021
PA DeSales University 4/1/1997 September 2017
PA Drexel University 9/1/1972 September 2025
PA Duquesne University 10/1/1993 September 2019
PA Gannon University 10/1/1978 March 2017
PA King's College 4/1/1979 March 2017
PA Lock Haven University (D) 10/1/1997 September 2017
PA Marywood University 4/1/1998 March 2026
PA Mercyhurst University (*provisional) 3/6/2015 September 2017
PA Misericordia University (**probation) 3/6/2012 N/A
PA Penn State University (*provisional) 9/6/2013 TBD
PA Pennsylvania College of Technology 10/1/1996 September 2017
PA Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (D) 4/1/1998 March 2018
PA Philadelphia University 10/1/1996 March 2018
PA Saint Francis University 9/1/1980 September 2016
PA Salus University (formerly Pennsylvania College of Optometry) (**probation)(F) 3/8/2007 September 2016
PA Seton Hill University 10/1/1997 March 2021
PA Slippery Rock University (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
PA Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
PA Thomas Jefferson University (*provisional) 3/7/2014 September 2016
PA University of Pittsburgh 9/10/2009 March 2018
PA University of the Sciences of Philadelphia (*provisional) 9/8/2012 September 2016
RI Bryant University (*provisional) 9/6/2014 September 2016
RI Johnson & Wales University (*provisional) 9/6/2013 TBD
SC Francis Marion University (*provisional) 3/12/2016 TBD
SC Medical University of South Carolina 10/1/1995 March 2020
SD University of South Dakota 4/1/1995 March 2020
TN Bethel University # 3/7/2008 # March 2021
TN Lincoln Memorial University 3/6/2009 March 2022
TN Christian Brothers University (**probation) 9/9/2011 September 2017
TN South College 9/72007 September 2017
TN Trevecca Nazarene University 10/1/1978 March 2020
TN University of Tennessee Health Science Center (Memphis) (*provisional) 9/6/2013 TBD
TX Baylor College of Medicine 2/1/1973 September 2018
TX Interservice 4/1/1996 September 2025
TX Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center 4/1/1999 March 2023
TX University of North Texas HS Center Ft Worth 4/1/1997 September 2021
TX University of Texas - HS Center at San Antonio 10/1/2000 March 2018
TX University of Texas - Medical Branch at Galveston 2/1/1973 September 2017
TX University of Texas - Pan American 10/1/1999 September 2020
TX UT Southwestern - School of Health Professions 11/1/1973 March 2020
UT Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (*provisional) 3/6/2015 March 2017
UT University of Utah 11/1/1972 March 2026
VA Eastern Virginia Medical School 10/1/1998 March 2026
VA James Madison University 4/1/1999 September 2016
VA Jefferson College of Health Sciences (formerly CHS) 4/1/1997 March 2020
VA Lynchburg College (*provisional) 3/6/2015 TBD
VA Mary Baldwin College (*provisional) 9/11/2015 TBD
VA Shenandoah University (D) 8/1/2001 March 2022
WA Heritage University (*provisional,**probation) 3/7/2014 September 2016
WA University of Washington (D) 2/1/1973 September 2018
WI Carroll University 9/4/2010 September 2020
WI Concordia University (*provisional) 3/9/2013 September 2016
WI Marquette University 4/1/1997 September 2020
WI University of Wisconsin - La Crosse 4/1/1997 September 2017
WI University of Wisconsin - Madison 3/1/1977 September 2025
WV Alderson-Broaddus University # 9/4/2010 # September 2020
WV University of Charleston (*provisional) 9/8/2012 September 2016
WV West Liberty University 9/9/2011 March 2022

* " Accreditation-Provisional" is an accreditation status granted when the plans and resource allocation, if fully implemented as planned, of a proposed program that has not yet enrolled students appear to demonstrate the program’s ability to meet the ARC-PA Standards or when a program holding accreditation-provisional status appears to demonstrate continued progress in complying with the Standards as it prepares for the graduation of the first class (cohort) of students. Accreditation - Provisional does not ensure any subsequent accreditation status.It is limited to no more than five years from matriculation of the first class. Accreditation-provisional remains in effect until the program achieves accreditation-continued after its third review, closes or withdraws from the accreditation process, or until accreditation is withdrawn for failure to comply with the Standards.

** " Accreditation-Probation " is a temporary status of accreditation assigned when a program does not meet the Standards and when the capability of the program to provide an acceptable educational experience for its students is threatened. Once placed on probation, programs that still fail to comply with accreditation requirements in a timely manner, as specified by the ARC-PA, may be scheduled for a focused site visit and/or risk having their accreditation withdrawn. A program on probation must provide clear evidence of progress toward improving the program by its next ARC-PA review. The maximum period of probation is two years.

(AP) "Accreditation-Administrative Probation" is a temporary status granted when a program has not complied with an administrative requirement, such as failure to pay fees or submit required reports. Once placed on Administrative Probation, a program that fails to comply with administrative requirements in a timely manner, as specified by the ARC-PA, may be scheduled for a focused site visit and/or risk having its accreditation withdrawn.

(D) indicates that accreditation incorporates one or more distant campuses

(F) indicates that a program may have a focused visit prior to its next ARC-PA review

# indicates that a program was closed for a period of time since being first accredited.